About Us

MOTHER FOUNDATION CHARITABLE TRUST is a Charitable Institution formed in 2000 and run by Members Only since then engaged in missionary work with the object of lifting up the socially backward class, Adivasi, Rural, Slum Areas, which has bee neglected.

The aim is to rehabilitate the people of that class and to give them recognition in the Society. The Trust has been promoted by Mr. Prabhudas K Kamble and over the past 14 years the Trust is in charitable activities like providing food, clothing, medicine, organizing medical camps, blood donation camps, Secular/adult education, attending to Cancer, HIV/AIDS patients, mobile medial camps, leprosy, street children, helping working women’s and desperate, helping Adivasi, Rural, Urban & Slum Areas etc in a reasonable scale. Looking to the growing needs of the economically weaker sections, the Trust intends to enlarge the scale of operations and is in the process of setting up a Hospital and college. Land Ad-measuring 6 acres has already been donated to the Trust by Mr. Kamble. Since incorporation, the Trust is actively engaged in the following charitable activities:

  • Organizing periodical medical camps especially in Adivasi, slum and rural areas where medical facilities are not available or affordable. The Camps provide facilities including free medical check up and counseling and supply of medicines.
  • Ashram for Cancer Patients, Orphanage, Old Age Home, Working Women’s Hostel etc.
  • Organizing blood donation camps where the blood donated is reserved for cancer and other needy patients. The Camps also tend to the needs of people who want to conduct pathological tests including blood sugar, BP, and other lipid tests.
  • Special medical Camps for Bone Density, weight reduction and counseling for Osteo Arthritis.
  • Looking after AIDS and terminally ill patients and conducting HIV and CD4 tests. Medical support and counseling are given to them. We also arrange AIDS awareness programmes through Rallies and Conferences which are headed by leading personalities of the Society.
  • Looking after the underprivileged children by supplying to them school uniforms, Books and food and paying their school fees. Nursing orphans and street children to give them a place in the Society.
  • Imparting Secular education to aged illiterate public, especially in the Adivasi, Rural & Slum areas.
  • Opportunities for poor and exploited women, especially widows, by providing medicine, food and job opportunities including self employment opportunities like sewing and preparation of homemade food.
  • Attending to and nursing of physically handicapped people by providing wheel chairs wherever required and also providing education and employment opportunities.

We are also happy to Start a Bal-Ashram for Street children’s (Adivasi, Rural, Slum areas), Single Parent Children’s & Old Age Home for neglected from the society.


Dear Donors,
Please let us join our hands together for this Noble Cause, without your grace we can’t give better service to all these people.