Physically Handicapped

Physically Handicapped

A person may become dumb, deaf & physically deformed on account of injury, disease or congenital deformity, and thus he becomes substantially handicapped in obtaining or keeping employment or in undertaking work on his own account. Many face discrimination or get treated as second class citizens or worse seen as a “poor soul.” The dumb, deaf & handicap makes the person lose his self-confidence and he considers himself a burden on his family and the society, as he has always to depend on others for doing his routine work. The mission of MFCT is to inculcate in them that they still can lead a normal life. Dumb, Deaf & Handicapped are given attention by the provision of specially designed hear-plugs, cycles for their movement. Wherever possible, job opportunities are provided. The Trust makes arrangements for their stay in Ashrams. In some cases, the Trust provides food.

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