Pulse Polio

Pulse Polio

Pulse Polio is an immunization campaign established by the Government of India in 1994 to eradicate poliomyelitis (polio) in India by vaccinating annually all children under age of five against poliovirus. Every child receives a dose of Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV), a live, attenuated virus which colonizes the gastrointestinal tract. This virus competitively inhibits the wild disease-causing poliovirus. Not only does this prevent pernicious infection in the host, it precludes transmission of the wild poliovirus to other hosts. Since poliovirus cannot survive outside a host for more than two weeks, theoretically it would be eradicated, resulting in the eradication of poliomyelitis. The campaign proved to be successful and the incidence of poliomyelitis in India has decreased dramatically. As its share of contribution, MFCT has taken active and keen interest in supporting the campaign in many ways. Whenever the date is announced by the Government, MFCT supports the implementing Agency, viz, the Municipal Corporations, by organizing camps in various localities and providing supporting staff.

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