The Father of the nation Mahatma M. K. Gandhi swore that he will not cover his full body with clothes till the time each Indian is able to cover himself with full clothing. Even though the Trust may not be able to make such kind of sacrifice, it is our vision to see and experience the happiness of each poor Indian. Our vision is to ensure the uplift of the economically weaker and socially neglected section of the Society.

MOTHER FOUNDATION CHARITABLE TRUST is a Charitable Institution formed in 2000 and runned by Charistain Members and is since then engaged in missionary work with the object of lifting up of the socially backward class, which has been neglected. The aim is to rehabilitate the people of that class and to give them recognition in the Society. The Trust has been promoted by Mr. Prabhudas K Kamble, who with the help of 2 ambulances which are also used as Mobile Medical Camps to serve the Rural, Adivasi and Slum population. The Trust is also engaged in the social service and rehabilitation activities.

In order to serve the neglected section of the Society more effectively, the Trust now is launching a major project at a cost of Rs.24.24 Crores by constructing 100 bedded General with special provision for womens and children below 18 years. Aids and terminally ill people and with modern facilities (including Research & Development Centre for Cancer & Aids) in the rural village Padali, Taluka: Pathardi, Dist: Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Land admeasuring 6 acres has already been donated to the Trust by Mr. Kamble.

The main concern of this project is to address the problems of the under-privileged section of the Society located especially in the deep rural areas and villages where such facilities are considered only as a dream. Village Padali in Ahmednagar District is one such rural area which is 60 kms away from the District Capital Ahmednagar where the basic medical facilities are available. The Taluka capital, viz Pathardi is 6 kms away from Padali and Pathardi is not well equipped with such medical facilities. It is also to be noted that the public transport movement is not frequent in such villages. There are 48 such villages in Pathardi Taluka having a population of more than 2 lakh, most of them being underprivileged insofar as such medical facilities are concerned. The implementation of this project in such a rural area will create employment opportunities to the locals, thus increasing the standard of living in such areas.

Today, CANCER & AIDS is posing as a deadly and killer disease. Most of the victims have no hope of recovery or survival and anticipate a painful death. There are instances that the relatives neglect and throw them out of the houses. In order to take care of such people, the Hospital will provide medical care of such patients. The hospital will have provision for a separate medical centre to take care of them. Well-trained nurses and doctors will attend to them. Free medical treatment will be given.

We, therefore, wish to impress upon you that the implementation of this project in such areas is to be considered as a prime necessity, for the provision of which the Trust is totally committed. It may be noted that the Trust is concentrating on such activities as “Service Motto” and not for claiming any reward and fame.

The Total project cost of all the above activities has been estimated at Rs.24.24 Crores. The Trust is an eligible unit under Section 35 AC of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and necessary notification has been published in the official Gazette of the Government of India concerning the capital cost of Rs.24.24 crores.

1. Pre-primary, secondary and Higher Secondary school.
2. Medical College including Nursing Training College.
3. Mahila Ashram.
4. Old age home.
5. Home for Blind and Handicapped.
6. Education for Street Children, Cancer Care Centre, HIV/AIDS Care Centre.
7. Technical Education for middle-aged orphans.
Your help and support to this noble cause will be greatly appreciated


Dear Donors,
Please let us join our hands together for this Noble Cause, without your grace we can’t give better service to all these people.